Car Crime Most Likely In These Top Car Parks Say Research

Tue 21st Jul 2020

Major car parks across the UK are under attack once again, with savvy thieves targeting the busiest and most expensive parking spots as easy pickings for criminals.

According to data provided by Uswitch, the car thieves appear to be targeting their car parking spots based on the Monopoly board as the top two spots come in central London with Covent Garden by far the most crime-ridden car park in Britain, with 368 vehicle crimes in the last year. Mayfair is next on the list with 273, while Pavilion Road in London completes an unhappy top three for the nation’s capital with 266 offences in the period from 2019-20.
Bristol doesn’t fair much better, with three car parks in the top ten, which suggests that there may be some form of organised crime in the south west city.

At the other end of the scale car parks in Exeter don’t seem to be too appealing to car thieves, with the coastal city having two out of the top three safest car parks.

Parking in city centre car parks can be expensive enough, without the worry of having your valuable possessions stolen, and NCP which operates 26 of the 30 busy car parks with the most crimes has promised major investments to make cars safer.
Speaking to the Daily Mail a spokesman for NCP said: “Obviously as the largest parking provider in the UK it figures that in a survey like this we will always show up higher on the quantity of car crime per vehicle, but our statistics show us that in fact only 0.004 per cent of our customers are affected by vehicle crime when parking with us,' it said in a statement. 

“This is due to a vast investment in roller shutters being implemented in many of our sites, alongside constantly changing shift patrol patterns, investments in new LED lighting, as well as signage encouraging customers to always take their valuables with them and leave nothing in their car when they park, to name just a few of our ways to fight crime. 

“We are aware that any car crime is upsetting, and even one customer affected is a customer too many, and so we have hugely invested in our car parks across our estate and continue to do so.”