Change The Colour Of Your Car At The Flick Of A Switch

Wed 6th Nov 2019

Jaguar Land Rover has announced a major new technology drive which will allow designers to adapt the same tech used in curved TVs and flexible wearables.

The company is researching a range of different new uses for the technology under the project Lightweight Electronics in Simplified Architecture (LESA), which is expected to bring about the end of the traditional manual and instrumental dashboards.

JLR have also indicated that the flexibility of the tech could allow them to put LED displays into body panels which would then allow for a myriad of options and ideas, including changing the colour of your car, as quickly as one might turn the windscreen wipers on.

The LESA technology could also be used to provide customisable interior lighting systems, body controls, wraparound dashboards and advancements in steering wheel technology. The technology also comes with very little wiring and materials, which JLR say could reduce the weight of in-car electronics by 60 per cent.

Electrical research technical manager Ashutosh Tomar said: "Healthcare, aerospace, consumer technology and military industries are already harnessing the benefits of structural electronics and our research is leading the way in the automotive sector by bringing it into the cabin for the first time.

"We believe LESA represents the future of vehicle electronics and will enable us to design and manufacture innovative, flexible and customisable cabins for our customers while also reducing weight and cost during production helping us reach Destination Zero."