Child’s Play

Thu 3rd Sep 2020

It’s a bone of contention in supermarket car parks across the UK and the source of many a disapproving look, parent and child car spaces have led to many arguments.

A new survey has revealed why there is so much dispute over Parent and Child Parking spots, according to almost a quarter of the spaces are misused by drivers who don’t have children. The report’s research team took to the car parks of Britain to investigate the extent of the problem and found a range of views on why the parent and child bays are so often abused.

A huge 29 per cent of drivers admitted to misusing the spaces, with the number one excuse being that it was late at night, second on the list being that there were plenty of parent and child spaces free. The biggest concern for those parents are unable to secure a parent and child spot is that they struggle to get their child in and out of the car without the extra width afforded to them.

Unfortunately the law is on the side of the offenders in this case as it is not illegal for someone to park in the parent and child bay without a child in their car, even though some supermarkets warn that they will take action. Many of the car parks are operated by external companies, so the risk of a parking charge notice is still very real.

“Taking the kids shopping is a battle without the added stress of trying to find somewhere suitable to park,” said Alex Kindred from Confused.

“The rules are very clear: if you aren’t travelling with a child, don’t use the parent and child parking spaces, unless you have a very valid reason to.

“However, our research has proven that there are still many drivers who are confused about the rules.”