Christmas Time To Break Down

Tue 24th Dec 2019

There will be more than 22,000 breakdowns a day over the Christmas period says a leading breakdown recovery organisations.

The increase in journeys and trips to areas of heavy traffic increase the likelihood of your car being put under pressure and according to Green Flag, whose study looked at the Christmas driving habits of more than 2,000 Brits found that one in 10 have left their shopping until the last week and despite a growing trend of online shopping, there remains 51 per cent who will be shopping in stores.

Green Flag says that those trips will continue through the Christmas break, pointing out that only seven of 20 rail networks will be operating so roads will be busier leading to 15 breakdowns a minute.

Simon Henrick, head of news at Green Flag, said: “With additional people out and about on the roads this Christmas, whether it’s to visit friends or family, or squeezing in the all-important last-minute Christmas shopping, we are encouraging drivers to carry out the relevant car safety checks to avoid car faults and breakdowns.

“With the potential adverse weather conditions at this time of year, we advise only making long journeys if absolutely necessary.”

Highways England is hoping to make the Christmas drive a little easier over the festive period by lifting 800 miles of roadworks, but both organisations are advising drivers to make sure their cars are in good working order to avoid unnecessary breakdowns.