Close To A Million Potholes Reported In The UK Last Year

Mon 6th May 2019

Drivers in Surrey are dodging potholes in the road more than any other county according to a study on road defects.

There were more than 9,000 potholes recorded in Surrey in 2017/18 and data showed that only 1,200 were fixed. The study from the We Are Cycling group in partnership with their microsite found that Surrey was way ahead of the likes of Hampshire (4,944 reports), Essex (4,235), Hertfordshire (4,138) and Lancashire (4,098).

Around 20 per cent of the UK’s road network is in poor condition, and the report suggests that there is five years of life or less remaining on up to 41,575 miles of bitumen.

Cyclists are often the first to feel the effect of potholes, dodging the damage of wear and tear on the roads and the problem is unlikely to end anytime in the near future according to the Asphalt Industry Alliance who say that a disparity in funding is alarming.

“Some local authorities received the equivalent of £90,000 per mile of their individual networks,” said Rick Green, Chairman of the AIA. “A third continue to struggle with reduced budgets, with several having less than £9,000 per mile to maintain their local roads.

“It’s clear from the 29 per cent increase in the number of potholes filled, that much of this [is] for patch and mend. This doesn’t provide value for money, nor will it improve the…resilience of our roads,” said Mr Green.