Dads Are Better Drivers Than Mum, Say The Kids

Thu 2nd Jul 2020

A new study of children who have parents that drive has found that almost half believe that dad is ‘best’ behind the wheel.

The survey of 1,000 six to 16-year olds by MG suggests that dads are the best option for a number of driving skills, with 43 per cent naming dad best driver overall, mums received only 29 per cent of the vote.

It’s not all bad news for mums though, the majority of kids surveyed admitted that they prefer travelling with mum behind the wheel, 35 per cent of youngsters favouring mum over dad. Some of the reasons are that mum plays better music, is less likely to drive fast and is the parent most likely to join in car games such as I Spy.

"The results paint an interesting picture of family car journeys and how kids see their parents.

"Everyone remembers family road trips from when they were younger, the discussions which are had, games that are played and music choices.

"It's amusing to have an insight into children's views of their parents' driving habits and clearly the results show dad wins when it comes to driving but mum is more fun to be with in the car.

"Families don't have to compromise on practicality and style with our family model range and the built-in technology will help keep the kids entertained on both long and short journeys."