Did DVLA Send Your Driving Licence To The Wrong Address?

Tue 7th May 2019

Human errors at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency in Swansea has led to hundreds of serious data breaches according to a BBC investigation.

A Freedom of Information request found 439 data breaches over a 10-month period, with drivers’ personal information included on driving licences, passports and marriage certificates often sent to the wrong address.

The investigation revealed that 2,018 people were caught up in the failings between May 2018 and March this year, with the DVLA admitting their own staff were the cause of the problem. The agency in Swansea receives millions of personal documents each year to verify the identity of those applying for driving licences, but the shortfall has caused concern over the security of personal information trusted with such a huge government agency.

“Last year, we dealt with more than one billion customer interactions,” said a DVLA spokesperson.

"We received more than 16million items of mail and sent out more than 93million, including 10.6million driving licences.

“However, we take our duties to protect data extremely seriously and have an open and transparent culture where staff report any potential breaches.

“We ensure we review all reports to identify what more can be done.

"While these figures are a very small percentage of our overall transaction volumes, we take these seriously and have apologised to those concerned.”