Do You Drive A Zombie Car?

Thu 29th Oct 2020

If you drive a car which is discontinued from sale by the manufacturer then you own what is known as a ‘zombie car’ and the good news is that they are as popular as ever.

The fact that the vehicles are no longer available to buy from the manufacturer means that some cars are actually increasing in price, as demand for popular models increases as time goes on.

Data published by popular car website Auto Trader shows that luxury cars are the best and most sought after zombie cars to own with the Jaguar XJ, was discontinued in 2019 getting more ad views last month than it did in September 2019. Even though the Jaguar has seen a 5.7 per cent increase in advert views, the average price has dropped significantly, by 23.8 per cent on average.

Some zombie cars are increasingly expensive, as classic status afforded to the vehicles such as the original style Land Rover Defender 110, saw an amazing 74.8% rise in search popularity, while the average price rose similarly, from £27,340 to £46,045. The Defender has not been on sale as new since being discontinued in 2016.

"Drivers need to do their homework if buying an obsolete car otherwise they may find a few horrors," said Auto Trader's Editorial Director, Erin Baker. "Finding spare parts for your zombie could prove tricky or expensive, and it could be hard to tell if the car price is fair as there aren’t as many similar vehicles to compare it with. 

"However, you can still pick up a treat and find a used car that fits all your requirements if you’re able to put time in for research.

"As well as finding a discontinued car at a highly discounted price, you may also find dealerships offer financing deals at lower interest rates. Additionally, if the zombie car is super rare with a bit of a fanbase, you could even make a profit on it when you come to sell later on."