Do You Know The New Highway Code Rules?

Tue 3rd Nov 2020

A new ‘hierarchy of road users’ could cause chaos on the roads unless motorists are better educated on what changes have been made to the Highway Code according to road safety experts.

The new system will see those in a car given more responsibility to keep all road users safe -  including pedestrians and cyclists. But a new survey has found that almost three quarters of car drivers believe the new rules, such as giving a pedestrian priority at a junction, will cause conflict and may even lead to more accidents.

The survey from IAM RoadSmart found that 56 per cent of those surveyed believed a hierarchy of road users was the correct decision, though there was still a large group of dissenting voices, almost 25 per cent, who believed the new rules were unrealistic.

Neil Greig, Policy and Research Director at IAM Roadsmart has predicted that many drivers will be hit with penalties without realising they are breaking the rules of the road, simply because they don’t read the Highway Code.

“Regardless of what changes are introduced, it is clear there will be a need for a huge education campaign,” Greig said.

“[This will] ensure any amendments to the Highway Code are understood and fully adopted by the millions of existing UK drivers, motorcyclists and road users.

“At IAM RoadSmart we believe an online resource to help with this re-education in an engaging way would be helpful.

“The simple truth is that most of us don’t read the Highway Code unless we drive or ride professionally, or are about to take a test.

“The Department for Transport needs to be realistic about the impact simply changing a seldom read document will have on the behaviour and safety of road users.”