Do You Take Selfies While Driving?

Mon 26th Aug 2019

A new study has revealed that young drivers are facing increased peer pressure to break the law behind the wheel of their car.

The research, which has been published by Marmalade, a specialist young driver insurer, has pinpointed the risks which new drivers are prepared to take to impress their mates.

Overtaking is the biggest peer pressure for young drivers with 42 per cent surveyed admitting that they have overtaken another car solely because they have been pressured into doing so by passengers. Almost a third said they had been forced into speeding by peer pressure while worryingly 18 per cent said that had been asked by peers to use their mobile phone, one in ten even asked to pose for a photo or even take the selfie themselves.

While the problems aren’t unique to young drivers, it is worrying that are are honest enough to admit the problems.

Crispin Moger, CEO of Marmalade, comments: “The summer is a great time for young drivers to get onto the road, off the beaten track and enjoy their freedom with friends.

“However, our study shows that some young drivers feel under increasing pressure from peers to take dangerous risks. With one in five young people already likely to have an accident within the first six months of passing their test, this is extremely worrying”.

Moger adds: “Marmalade is calling on young drivers and their passengers to share responsibility for keeping safe on the road this summer. From agreeing to put mobile phones away, to banning backseat driving, there are simple ways to support each other and avoid high-risk situations. Make sure your road trip is memorable for all the right reasons this summer.”