Dodgy Brakes Causing Accident Hell Across The UK

Mon 30th Sep 2019

The Department for Transport has published a list of vehicle defects which are most responsible for causing accidents across the UK and it is no surprise that brakes and tyres are top of the list.

The data reveals that between 2013 and 2018 there were a total of 3,894 reported accidents resulting in injuries or fatalities, all of which were due to malfunctioning brakes. The figures also reveal that dodgy brakes were the cause of 15 deaths last year alone, the highest total in six years.

Phil Woodcock of brake-pad manufacturer Pagid said that drivers need to check their brakes more often and not rely on the MOT test.

“Drivers need to be able to trust their brakes in extreme situations, and although they are checked during the annual MOT, 12 months is a long time, especially if the car has received an advisory notice that they are partially worn,' he said.

“It is therefore worth getting them checked in-between MOT and service intervals especially if the driver notices any warning signs such as an audible squealing sound or abnormal vibration when the brake is applied.”

The DfT statistics showed that faulty tyres were second on the list, causing 3,449 accidents, while defective lights, defective steering, defective or missing mirrors, and an overloaded or poorly loaded trailer also topped the list.