Drivers Must Be Given ‘The Right To Plug In’

Tue 3rd Sep 2019

A leading European motoring organisation has called on leading politicians and decision makers to make the decision of purchasing an electric car an easier decision by making electric charging points more freely available.

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA) has joined forces with the EU’s energy, transport and environment bodies to demand more action and to speed up the deployment of smart charging infrastructure across the EU.

With 1.2 million EV chargers required on the continent by 2025, some countries are way behind schedule, which in turn is hindering the ease in which buyers can have peace of mind to buy an electric vehicle. The groups argue that the faster people switch to EVs, the faster climate goals can be met and that growth in the EV market is currently being hindered.

Erik Jonnaert, secretary-general of the ACEA, commented: “The EU auto industry wants to work with all stakeholders to make zero-emission mobility a reality. To convince more customers to make the switch to electric vehicles, we have to remove the stress associated with recharging. This means that everyone must have the option to recharge their vehicle easily, no matter where they live or where they want to travel to.”