Drivers Of Which Car Know Highway Code The Best?

Tue 21st Dec 2021

We all have a good idea about car owners of a certain brand not knowing where the indicator is, but until now we have never had solid evidence.

But new analysis of more than one thousand drivers has found which owners are most likely to know the rules of the road, and not surprisingly, which drivers fare the worst. The research asked respondents a range of questions related to the Highway Code and gave each car brand an overall score - with owners of French car brand Citroen scoring highest with an overall percentage of 40.5 per cent correct.

A great victory for the budget car brand, and if this survey was to completely strengthen stereotypes we might not have expected to see Mercedes-Benz drivers coming second in the list, but from the five questions asked they performed second best with a creditable 40 per cent.

Sadly, the survey fails to break down stereotypes completely, of the 12 car brands featuring in the report, BMW drivers came last, scoring only 28.8 per cent.

The analysis also looked at which professions were most knowledgeable about the Highway Code, with stereotypes again falling down, as tradespeople came out top of the class, with a score of 35 per cent. Worryingly, those who work in the emergency services finished second bottom, just ahead of hospitality.

“Citroën drivers are probably among the least controversial and aren’t exactly notorious for causing other drivers to feel outrage and despair – which could explain why they came out on top in our survey,” said the report from Vanarama. 

“A brand associated with practicality and comfort, Citroën is a well-deserved winner with 40.5% of correct answers. They were closely followed by Mercedes-Benz on 40%, Honda on 38.8%, and Ford on 35.5%.”

The questions asked in the survey are below. How many did you get right?


  1. Unbalanced wheels on a car may cause… (The steering to vibrate)

  2. When travelling at 50mph on a dry road, what is the typical overall stopping distance? (53 metres/175 feet)

  3. While driving, you spot a pedestrian with a dog wearing a yellow or burgundy coat. This especially warns you that the pedestrian is… (Deaf)

  4. In which situation may you overtake another vehicle on the left? (On a one-way street)

  5. There are red flashing lights above every lane on the motorway. What must you do? (Stop and wait)