Drivers Showing Cyclists More Respect Post-Pandemic

Sun 26th Jul 2020

With cyclists on the UK’s road networks at record levels during lockdown, a new survey has found that there is a newfound respect between car drivers and cyclists.

The tense relationship between motorists and their two-wheeled foes has simmered on for years, with arguments about space and who has rights of way. But a new Green Flag survey of 1,000 drivers and 1,000 cyclists has found the tension easing in these times of pandemic.

The motoring organisation’s survey showed that pre-lockdown the stand-off was all too real, with 64 per cent of drivers admitting they were frustrated with cyclists, while 76 per cent of those on bikes admitting similar thoughts.

But it appears the icy relationship has thawed somewhat with 32 per cent of drivers revealing that they are now more patient with cyclists since lockdown. Cyclists too have seen this patience, with 36 per cent admitting that they have been afforded more respect and courtesy on the road.

Mark Newberry, commercial director at Green Flag said: “While this research does show that there is still some existing tension amongst both [drivers and cyclists], it is promising that with cycling gaining such popularity during the lockdown period, there is an increased understanding between them.

Despite friction amongst the motorists, it is important to remember that the safety of each group relies on the actions of the other. At Green Flag, we conducted this research to raise awareness of this, to ensure that drivers recognise that there will likely be more cyclists on the streets and to be conscious of that, and for the increasing numbers of cyclists to be conscious of their role in sharing the roads safely with motorists. 

“Ultimately, the roads are there for everyone to share, so it is important for all road users to always be vigilant and remain aware of each other as we all start to travel more, perhaps using a new method to normal, as lockdown continues to ease.”