Electric Vehicle Owners Are Hooked Says Poll

Tue 29th Dec 2020

Less than ten per cent of drivers who have bought an electric vehicle say they would consider a switch back to a petrol or diesel engine according to a poll published this week.

The research, which was put together by Zap-Map, and published by the RAC, found that 91 per cent of the 2,000 EV drivers said ‘no thanks’ when asked if they would return to combustion engines. Eight per cent were unsure, while just one per cent of all those polled said they missed the roar of a petrol or diesel engine.

And the poll seems to have found the reason that EV owners don’t want to go back, as they express a higher degree of satisfaction with their car than their fellow petrol and diesel owners. EVs scored a healthy 91 out of a 100, while cars driven by fossil fuels could only garner 72 per cent.

"While would-be electric car drivers might worry about range anxiety, they should also be aware that the number of public charge points is increasing rapidly and infrastructure continues to improve,” said Rod Dennis or the RAC.

"They should also remember that the vast majority of their journeys are unlikely to be over several hundred miles, meaning that for day-to-day travel, operating an electric vehicle is a clean and cost-effective option."

It is expected that consumer confidence in EVs will grow over the next 12 months as clean air zone incentives and the impending ban on petrol and diesel cars makes the electric option more of an enticing prospect.