Europe Wants To Ban Cars From UK Cities

Tue 23rd Mar 2021

We may have departed the European Union, but a European body is keen to influence the lives of drivers across the country by suggesting that cars should be banned from all major cities.

The European Public Health Alliance has said that the UK government should do more to help cut harmful emissions and that stopping older cars from clogging up cities is one of the most effective methods.

Research by the EPHA team has been published in a wide-ranging report which reveals that while schemes like the London Ulta-Low Emission Zone have cut harmful emissions by a third, other so-called green schemes such as cycle lanes in cities are expensive and provide ‘relatively small gains’.

While charging older vehicles to enter city centres is a step forward, the report suggests that banning the non-compliant vehicles altogether would be way more effective. EPHA also suggest a radical approach of limiting parking in city centres to dissuade motorists from actually making the journey altogether.

While schemes can be seen as an excuse for local authorities to tax motorists, the financial benefits can also be found in public health savings, to the tune of £112million a year according to the report.

“A dirty cloud has been hanging over cities for many decades, causing asthma, heart disease or lung cancer. As we fight Covid-19 through vaccines, we must fight this cloud of disease, too,” said EPHA secretary general, Sascha Marschang.

“Protecting people's health is essentially one unified battle, and concerned citizens should push mayors to take a lead role in this fight. Now is the time for city bosses to truly 'build back better' to really improve people's health and their environment.”