EV Cars Rank Top For Reliability Says Major Survey

Wed 4th Sep 2019

An influential survey of car reliability has revealed that the growth of electric vehicles is being reflected in more reliable cars in that category.

The What Car? Reliability Survey looks at the opinions and feedback from more than 18,000 drivers across the UK and is widely regarded as one of the best indicators of overall car reliability.

There were three cars to score 100 per cent reliability from their owners, and two of them, the Lexus CT and Toyota Yaris hybrids show that greener, battery powered cars suffer few, if any faults at all. The traditionally fuelled Kia Soul was the only other car to score 100 per cent from owners.

Hybrids and EVS also scored a top rating of 96.1 per cent reliability when comparing different segments, while luxury SUVs fared less well, proving to be the least dependable model type with a score of just 86.5 per cent.

It’s not all great news for EV owners, especially those who own a Renault Zoe, which looks to be experiencing some teething problems, with 44 per cent of owners experiencing a problem in the last year. Renault and Land Rover were ranked as the worst brands for reliability, with Lexus, Toyota and Suzuki at the other end of the scale. Important to note too that Tesla was just outside the top three with their all-electric range scoring an impressive 96.9 per cent for reliability.

“With the cost of defects covered by the manufacturer’s warranty on all cars up to three years old and some right up to the age of seven, you’d expect most of them to be fixed for free,” said What Car? 

“However, just half of the cars we were told about were repaired under warranty, with 13% of owners having to pay more than £500 and slightly over 4% shelling out as much as £1500.

“Our 2019 results reveal the dependability of the widest range yet: 218 models from 31 manufacturers.”