EVs Rarely Run Out Of Power Says AA

Mon 13th Sep 2021

Worries about an electric vehicle running out of battery power and leaving drivers stranded are unfounded, says one of the UK motoring breakdown firms.

So-called ‘range anxiety’ is often cited as one of the key barriers for the car buying public to make the switch over to an electric vehicle, with concerns that drivers will be caught in the nightmare scenario of searching for a chargepoint as their battery runs to zero.

However, research from the AA shows that only four per cent of EV breakdowns in 2020 were actually for a flat battery, and that 99 per cent of drivers fail to guess what proportion of breakdowns were charge related. The UK public estimated that two thirds of all breakdowns were related to running out of charge.

AA president Edmund King has used the data to point out that the main causes of vehicle breakdown were the same whether it was in an electric or combustion engine car.

“There are still concerns about the existing charging infrastructure and single charge range,” King said.

“Likewise, most drivers totally overestimate the percentage of breakdowns due to running out of charge.

“The reality is far better than drivers think, with very few EVs failing to reach a chargepoint.

“In fact, EVs and combustion cars share the same top two reasons for breakdowns which are tyres and the smaller 12-volt battery.

“As more charge points, especially rapid chargers, are installed across the country the number of cars failing to reach one will further reduce, providing more confidence to drivers to help them make the switch.”