Fail! Here Are The UK’s Top Ten Driving Test Fail Mistakes

Wed 17th Jul 2019

More than 50 per cent of the 1.6 million drivers taking their test last year failed, with the DVSA revealing the top ten reasons.

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has published the most common reasons for failing in the hope that it will ensure potential drivers are better prepared for a life on the road. The news comes as research reveals that insufficient experience on the roads is leading to serious safety concerns.

Worries about the costs of driving, such as insurance and buying a car suggest that more new drivers than ever are taking longer than six months to get into a car and behind the wheel after passing the test and that could be leading to the almost 4,000 accidents involved in accidents in 2017.

The DVSA said that of the 3,929 incidents, 42 ended up with fatalities: “Too many learners or inexperienced drivers are involved in accidents,” said Chief driving examiner Mark Winn.

“It is vital that learners can drive safely and have the skills to drive on all types of road before taking their test. 

“The driving test helps get drivers ready for a lifetime of safe driving and makes our roads safer for all.

“Failing to look properly at junctions is the most common serious or dangerous test fault and the largest cause of accidents in Britain. Good observation, including proper use of mirrors, is a crucial skill that drivers must learn.”
The number one cause of driving test failure in 2018 was observation at junctions, with a huge 202,139 failures. Junctions, in turning right, were also responsible for 80,054 failures, with only Mirrors (165,908 failures) and Control (90,030 failures) higher.

Most common reasons why learners failed driving test in 2018 

1. Junctions – observation - 202,139 failures

2. Mirrors – change direction 165,908 failures

3. Control – steering 90,030 failures

4. Junctions – turning right 80,054 failures

5. Move off – safely 76,745 failures

6. Response to signs – traffic lights 75,602 failures

7. Move off – control 74,652 failures

8. Positioning – normal driving 74,420 failures

9. Response to signs – road markings 67,309 failures

10. Reverse park – control 65,229 failures