Fancy A Floating Jaguar E-Type?

Tue 7th Sep 2021

Vehicles that you can drive off land have been a perennial want of those who dream of taking to the seas without leaving the comfort of their luxury car, and now an eccentric Italian designer might just be making those dreams come true.

A new company called Floating Motors is looking to crowdfund an idea which would revolutionise the concept of personal watercraft by using the design of some of the world’s most iconic cars and turning them into boats.

The so-called ‘Resto-Floating’ idea is the crazy dream of Pierpaulo Lazzarini, a man whose most recent headlines saw him design a billion-dollar yacht in the shape of a swan. The Italian’s design studio shows no lack of ambition and the unique motor vehicle and watercraft concepts are best recognised for his famous ‘jet capsules’.

But while much of Lazzarini’s work often remains very much at the concept stage, it is hoped that with Floating Motors he can see the likes of a Mini Cooper, Jaguar E-Type, VW Type 2 Bus and a Mercedes-Benz SLS all floating on the water.

The seriousness of the project is underlined by the company’s investment prospectus, which promises a wide-range of different hulls for varying degrees of water. There is also the option of customising the suspension, while Floating Motors is pitching the use of the vehicles as a luxury taxi.

Floating Motors is a partnership between the Lazzarini Design Studio and Jet Capsule S.r.L, an Italian watercraft builder, who have been exporting their unique boats to China, Canada and Spain since 2016.

Crowdfunders interested in investing in the project can get involved for just $1,000, though larger investments are available. $35,000 will secure you your own ‘La Dolce’ model and offer you the franchise rights for a geographical area. A $50,000 stake will give you one per cent of the company and a La Dolce founders edition model.