Find Out How This Insect Could Cause Serious Damage To Your Car This Summer

Mon 24th Jun 2019

Drivers across the UK are being warned that a swarm of greenfly could be set to cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage to cars, with paint-eating poo a major danger.

With rising temperatures across the summer months, drivers are being warned to look out for the tell-tale signs of damage from the greenfly, with their poo containing a substance known as honeydew which when it clings to the surface of the car can turn to a black mold which will quickly spread over the surface of your car. The mold will then grown on your car and can quickly eat through paint.

Drivers are being warned about parking too close to plants, flowers and trees which can attract the greenfly and to wash their cars regularly to avoid sustaining damage which could lead to a costly respray.

Ranjen Gohri, director of 24/7 Home Rescue and Car Breakdown, said: “They may be small, but do not underestimate the damage the humble greenfly can cause to your car.

“These tiny aphids suck the sap from plants and trees, posing a real threat for farmers and gardeners, but they can also wreak havoc on motorists, too.

“The sticky substance they excrete from their backsides – bizarrely known as ‘honeydew’ – clings to roofs, bonnets and boots as a nasty residue.

“This goo then creates black, soot-like mould spores, which is acidic and can eat through paint.

“It’s incredibly hard to remove from paintwork, requiring good cleaning products and lots of elbow grease.

“A roof or bonnet respray could set you back around £500, or more, it’s vital you keep on top of cleaning regime in these early summer months.”