Ford Designs ‘Emoji Jacket’ For Cyclists

Thu 13th Feb 2020

The relationship with motorists and cyclists on Britain’s roads may be about to emojional after Ford designed a LED jacket which can communicate a cyclists mood through the medium of emojis.

Communications issues with drivers and cyclists have often led to heated debates and often clashes on the UK’s road network, with both tribes blaming each other for disrespecting the roads. The difficulty for cyclists to let other road users know their intentions is one of the biggest problems, with cyclists having to remove their hands from the handlebars to signal changes in direction. According to the EU there are 2,000 cyclists killed on Europe’s roads each year and Ford’s innovative technology may provide a solution to the problem.

The Emoji Jacket features an LED mesh panel that can display a happy, sad and straight faced emoji face, as well as arrows left and right and a hazard signal. The cyclist can activate each emoji through a wireless remote mounted on the bicycle’s handlebars.

“We are now living – and driving – in a world where communication is crucial. But all too often between drivers and cyclists this just comes down to the beeping of a horn or a rude gesture,” said Emmunuel Lubrani, ‘Share The Road’, Ford of Europe.

“Cyclists usually have to take a hand off the handlebars to communicate. The Emoji Jacket uses a universally understood means of communication to show one way in which tensions could be eased – and we all learn to ‘Share The Road’.”