Ford Plans For An Emergency Activated Drone

Wed 16th Oct 2019

Fords of the future could be fitted with their own personal drone should a patent application from Ford Motor Company come through development.

The details of the patent which was registered by subsidiary Ford Global Technologies this week suggest that the drone would be stored in the rear of the car, with the driver possibly activating it from the boot.

While there are a range of ideas associated with a drone following your car, many inspired by companion cameras which feature in many driving video games, it is thought that the drone’s primary use would be in emergency situations.

The ‘vehicle-integrated drone’ could be deployed automatically at emergency incidents providing assistance through illuminating a crash scene, providing sirens and even streaming photos and videos for first responders.

Other uses suggested by the technology could be for rural drivers to see ahead on a road when visibility around corners is poor.

Ford research manager John Luo and scientist Adi Singh have said of the company’s drone operations: “We think many of our customers will want to use these [drone] devices as part of their lifestyle, whether to pursue hobbies or even as a tool for their business—no different than how they use an F-150 [pickup] or Transit [van] on a job site.

“By conducting in-house research in this emerging area while simultaneously participating in the regulatory conversation at the federal level, Ford is laying the groundwork to make sure our vehicles can deliver the right experiences to our customers as we transition to a smart world.”