Fury As Supermarket Starts Charging For Air

Thu 30th Sep 2021

Disgruntled visitors to one of the leading supermarket chain’s petrol stations have taken to social media to vent their anger at new charges.

Thousands of drivers across the UK will have been regular visitors to Sainsbury’s petrol stations, for the simple fact that they never charged to pump air into their tyres. Sainsbury’s were the last supermarket remaining to offer the service, with Asda, Tesco and Morrisons charging a minimum 20p to refill tyres, many more independent petrol stations had also been charging for the service for a number of years, with some costing as much as 50p per minute.

But free air is no longer available it seems after Sainsbury’s introduced a 30p charge, a fee which will wrankle with many at a time when fuel prices are sky-rocketing and shortages are making it difficult for many to travel anywhere. The supermarket chain have also stopped their free water offer, with drivers now having to pay £1 for a screen wash.

Speaking to the Sun newspaper, one upset driver said: Had to pay twice for air on your new money grabbing machine as three mins isn't enough for Land Rover tyres.

“Given the profits you lot make it’s pathetic that you are charging for this. Won't buy fuel there again.”

A Sainsbury's spokesman said: “We regularly review the services we provide our customers.

"We have invested in the facilities at our petrol filling stations, offering a variety of services including screen wash air towers and contactless payment options, offering even more convenience for our customers."