Gotcha - Leaked Email Reveals Truth Behind Speeding Fines

Tue 9th Feb 2021

A controversial email allegedly issued by one of the UK’s biggest police forces has revealed that speed camera van operators are being ordered to catch more drivers and drive up revenues.

Cheshire Police, who operate on sections of the M6, have issued their speed camera employees with targets and to ‘achieve more offences.’ The police force, who earn revenue of £6m a year from speeding offences sent the communication, in a series of emails which were leaked and published in The Sun.

“Bottom line: You need to bring in more. I appreciate you can’t make people speed, but these are roughly 50% of your minimum 400 target,” said one email. Another said: What can you suggest/do that will enable you to achieve more offences? Am I tasking you with sites that do no produce? Have you, as operators, become complacent?”

The police had denied that their cameras are set up to drive revenues, rather than make roads safer, however the email messages seem to confirm what many UK drivers have believed for years - motorists are being used as cash cows for the police force.

“Do you need to rethink whereabouts on the road you are targeting people, are you being too lenient with your targeting time?

"Are you paying attention all the time?,” another email said, revealing the extent as to how staff are forced to catch as many speeders as possible.

“I am asking these questions now before somebody else does and they will.

“The honest truth is you will have new colleagues soon, like you did with two others. They managed to consistently out-perform you and it has been noted.

“Now is this time to raise your game and help push us forward.”

In a statement published by The Sun, SuperIntendent Jo Marshall-Bell said: “Where a person receives a fixed penalty notice as a result of speeding, the fine goes to the Government, police do not receive any of this.

“If however you are offered the opportunity to attend a speed awareness course instead of a fine, the payment received covers the cost of the course and venue hire.

“A small percentage is given to the force to reinvest into road safety, it cannot be spent on anything else."