Government Urged To Address PHEV Slump

Mon 5th Aug 2019

A major car brand has called on the UK government to address a sharp drop in the registration of PHEV vehicles following the scrapping of incentives in favour of pure-electric cars.

Mitsubishi, which has one of the UK’s most popular hybrid electric vehicles in the Outlander, is urging the government to rethink their decision following the latest figures which reveal that just 2268 PHEVs were sold in July, half the number sold in the same month in 2018. The problem is further underlined by figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders which reveal that 14,923 PHEVs have been sold in 2019, compared to 21,200 for the first seven months of 2018.

Instead of growing, the market share of plug-in vehicles is now shrinking which makes it difficult to understand how this can be considered progress," said Mitsubishi Motors in the UK managing director, Rob Lindley.

"We are calling on the Government to work with the industry to put together a package of incentives to encourage the adoption of all progressive technologies and outline how this plan would move drivers to a pure EV future over the course of the next decade, for example."

Previously buyers could claim up to £4500 in subsidy to purchase a PHEV but those financial incentives have ended meaning that there is no major incentive to go to the hybrid, and with some criticism on the fuel economy compared to a diesel car - the PHEV is suffering.

“Our data suggests that almost one in three UK consumers are undecided about the fuel type of their next car," said Sue Robinson, of the National Franchised Dealers Association.

"While franchised retailers continue to work hard to inform their customers, a stable political and economic environment, with clear policies, is essential to support our industry going forward."