Harry Potter Car Remains In Chamber Of Secrets

Tue 6th Apr 2021

A vintage Ford Anglia made famous in the Harry Potter movies has done a disappearing act and may never return to action after a car thief refused to reveal its whereabouts.

Richard Matthews from Folkstone stole the historic vehicle from a Kent garage in October 2019, and after an intensive investigation including a media appeal and CCTV stills, was finally caught and this week pleaded guilty to burglary of a garage and was jailed for 22 months.

However this is one Harry Potter escapade that does not come with a happy ending. Despite being caught and admitting his crime, Mr Matthews has not revealed the location of the 1965 105E model.

Harry Potter fan Steven Wickenden had carefully restored the Ford Anglia, adding brilliant touches such as a replica Hedwig owl in the back seat. The car was the star of the show at many Harry Potter conventions and was photographed with Rupert Grint and Julie Walters behind the wheel. Sadly, the Ford Anglia’s most magical feat, an ability to turn invisible, might mean that we never see it again.

“Like all burglars, Matthews showed little respect for other people’s property, taking what didn’t belong to him, for his own selfish reasons,” PC Katie Clarke said about the crime.

“Since his arrest, Matthews has not been willing to say where the car is, which is so disappointing for the victim, who put a lot of time into restoring and customising the vehicle.

“I would hope Matthews develops a sense of decency regarding the loss and considers the impact of his actions.”