Has Ford Killed Off Road Rage?

Wed 8th Sep 2021

Ford Motor Group have introduced a ‘Mindfulness Car Concept’ which could lead to the ultimate stress-free driving experience.

The Ford concept has been launched at this week’s IAA Mobility in Munich, one of the first major motor shows of 2021 following the pandemic. Based on a Ford Kuga SUV, the mindfulness car has a range of components designed to create the most harmonious of drives.

These features include an ‘Unlock Purge’ which blasts a bust of clean and fresh cabin air into the vehicle via climate control. The Mindfulness Car will also provide digital updates on the driver’s breathing and heartrate via four actuators built into the driver seat. As well as tailored calming playlists, the car also has a ‘powernap’ function which allow the seat to lay flat with a neck support and auditory beats that can help a driver nod off and wake up refreshed.

“These driver assistance systems for the mind, body and soul turn driving time into ‘me-time’,” said Carsten Starke, technical expert, Interior Materials & Experience, Research & Advanced Engineering, Ford of Europe. “The principles learned and practiced in this unique car can be applied to other aspects of life, to enhance not just daily drives, but every single experience.”

Ford have employed the expertise of mindfulness teacher and author Mark Coleman on the concept, he has helped by producing meditation guides which come with the car.

“Mindfulness helps people to be more focused, calmer and achieve greater clarity – and when you’re behind the wheel, this can help make you a better driver,”

“You become more aware and responsive, while greatly reducing the likelihood of being distracted. More drivers being more mindful can make journeys safer and more enjoyable for everyone on the road.”