Have You Been Caught By ‘Supercab’?

Wed 15th May 2019

Highways England have a new weapon to deploy against dangerous drivers - a Heavy Goods Vehicle - which has been in action up and down the M1 this week.

Nicknamed ‘supercab’, Highways England have three of the unmarked HGVs and have been using them to detect dangerous drivers on the country’s motorways and a major road networks.

Twenty-nine different police forces have used ‘supercab’ over the past 12 months as part of Operation Tramline, a joint effort by all agencies to catch the UK’s most dangerous drivers.

In the past 12 months alone the operation has caught 3,000 drivers committing more than 3,500 offences.
The most popular offence was not wearing a seatbelt, with 1,195 drivers caught. Unsurprisingly the second highest offence was using a handheld mobile phone while driving. Two of the most serious offences saw a driver using both hands to send a text on the M60 and another lorry driver on the M40 making a credit card payment on his phone.

Richard Leonard, Highways England’s road safety chief, said: “Hundreds of thousands of drivers use our roads every day and the vast majority are sensible behind the wheel, but some are putting themselves and others at risk.”

He added: “We hope our week of action on the M1 will encourage everyone to think about what more they could do to improve how they drive.”