How Much Do You Pay For Car Parking?

Mon 14th Sep 2020

New data has revealed the most expensive and cheapest car parks in the UK, with prices for a full day differing by an eye-watering £130!

According to the research undertaken by Zuto, some drivers are being asked to pay a shocking £135 for a full day rate of parking while others in different parts of the country are only asked for £1.50.

In Liverpool the disparity between car parks hits home the hardest. Those rich or stupid enough to leave their car in Liverpool Lime Street Station for a full day will have to pay £135, while the aptly named Fort Knox car park, just six minutes awat is just £2.50 for a day.

Liverpool as a whole has one of the highest averages, with a massive £42.64 only bested by London which has an average day rate price of £53.80.

At the other end of the scale Wolverhampton is the cheapest city on average to park in, with an average daily rate of £1.90.
“As we’re slowly starting to head back into city centres, whether for work or pleasure, here at Zuto we want to help drivers around the country find the best parking spots so they can save both money and time,” said a Zuto spokesman.

“Showcasing the cheapest and most expensive options in a wide variety of cities will hopefully help drivers get the best value from their journey.”