How Much Do You Spend On Car Maintenance?

Mon 14th Jun 2021

We all love driving a sparkling new car off the forecourt of Motor Depot, but keeping that vehicle in tip top condition is not as easy as you might think.

New research from one of the UK’s leading price comparison websites has found that the average driver will spend £185 each year on car maintenance, and surprisingly, the data suggested that for once, Londoners are paying the least for a motoring expense.

Car owners in the British capital pay just £148 per a year to look after their vehicle, compared to £211 which those in the East Midlands have to endure as the most expensive area to maintain your motor.

While the prospect of paying someone to look after your car might seem annoying, the fact that only one in ten Brits actually feel confident to maintain their car themselves tells you why we are paying good money to keep our cars right.

More than 10million drivers wouldn’t have the know-how to change their own tyre according to the analysis by MoneySuperMarket, while more than half (54%) wouldn’t feel sure enough to change their lights, and over a third (38%) wouldn’t change their own windscreen wipers.

“Owning a car is hugely liberating but it can be very expensive. We all know about the upfront costs such as the car itself and insurance, but we often forget how much we spend on keeping our cars road worthy and forecourt clean,” said Kate Devine from MoneySuperMarket.

While maintaining a healthy engine and mechanics is important, many drivers are also car proud enough to shell out on a monthly basis to keep their cars clean, and the data has no surprises when it tells us that BMW owners spend the most per month, £19.60, to get their car spick and span.