How Often Do You Break The Speed Limit?

Sun 13th Sep 2020

New analysis from the Department for Transport has found that more than half of cars in 30mph zones are exceeding the speed limit.

The worrying research looked at various areas of the UK road network in free-flow conditions and found that in addition to the 30mph figures, 50 per cent of cars on motorways exceeded the 70mph limit, but just 9% exceeded on 60mph roads.

The DfT figures show that the average speed in a 30mph zone is actually 31mph. A fifth of cars are breaking the speed limit by 5mph, while 6 per cent are travelling at least 40mph.

“These statistics are alarming. We know that during the days of strict lockdown there was a real prevalence of speeding in built-up areas,” said Simon Williams from the RAC.

“Breaking speed limits is illegal and puts everyone using the road in danger. It’s vital the Government’s review into road policing addresses the elephant in the room – a lack of enforcement.”
Perhaps the most shocking element of the research is that 86 per cent of cars in 20mph zones are exceeding the limit, the DfT have said that they cannot use the data as many 20mph zones are in residential areas which already have traffic calming measures.

“Speeding is illegal, reckless and puts people’s lives at unnecessary risk. That is why there are tough penalties and strict enforcement measures in place for those who disobey the law,” said Road Safety Minister, Baroness Vere.

“We know it’s just as crucial though to change attitudes that lead to dangerous driving.

“Our road safety statement and its two-year action plan include aims to tackle speeding, while our Think! campaign targets risky driving behaviour by challenging social norms among high-risk young men.”