How Would You Spend £27bn?

Tue 31st Aug 2021

The newly formed National Highways is seeking drivers’ views and opinions on how best to invest in the future of roads across the UK.

Formerly Highways England, the organisation in charge of the country’s motorways and major A-roads is focusing on delivering the government’s £27bn strategic roads investment programme with a ‘new focus’.

That focus will see motorists encouraged to access an online tool to provide information on how National Highways can deliver a ‘long-term vision of the future. The public feedback will be combined with the views of local government and other transport stakeholders and collected by the Department for Transport to help provide the basis for the next period of road investment strategy from 2025 to 2030.

Drivers can comment on any issue or concern that is important to them on the online tool, which will be open until November 30 for comments. Elliot Shaw, Executive Director for Strategy and Planning at National Highways said the aim of the tool is to improve road users’ experience.

“At National Highways we are constantly challenging ourselves to seek out ways to improve the experience of those who use our roads and the communities who live nearby,” said Shaw. “The new easy-to-use online tool provides everyone from commuters, professional road users, nearby residents and community groups to comment.

“I urge you to provide feedback on what is important to you – a specific location on England’s motorways or major A roads, a longer route or general feedback about our road network. This is your opportunity to help inform the long-term vision for the future of our roads.”