Hyundai Develops A Car That Learns Your Driving Habits

Tue 22nd Oct 2019

We all have certain driving habits, good or bad, but now Korean car brand Hyundai have developed a technology which will create a customised self-driving experience based on your own driving style.

Hyundai’s Machine Learning based Smart Cruise Control (SCC-ML) will learn the patterns of its driver and when asked to go into cruise control will mimic the identical pattern of that particular driver in order to provide a more personalised driving experience.

While Smart Cruise Control will always put safety first, it also understands the importance of drivers feeling comfortable with issues of vehicles proximity around them, how fast to accelerate and many other unique driving patterns. These individual preferences can only be made possible through machine learning technology.

“The new SCC-ML improves upon the intelligence of the previous ADAS technology to dramatically improve the practicality of semi-autonomous features,” said Woongjun Jang, VP at Hyundai Motor Group. “Hyundai Motor Group will continue the development efforts on innovative AI technologies to lead the industry in the field of autonomous driving.”

Hyundai’s research has found that drivers have previously been reluctant to use cruise control as they feel anxious and unstable when the car acts in a way which they are not accustomed. By introducing the SCC-ML, the car will now create a customised driving experience including different accelerations and distances, and responsiveness in differing driving conditions.

The SCC-ML technology is expected to be implemented in future Hyundai vehicles.