Hyundai Is Not As Green As It Says It Is

Tue 15th Jun 2021

Car manufacturers are well known for making bold claims in their advertising campaigns, whether it be promises of great fuel economy or even making you more attractive to the opposite sex.

Sometimes those claims are put to the test, and maybe even challenged, with many consumer groups and journalists keen to debunk some of the cheeky fibs which car brands try and tell us. On rare occasions however the lies are so big that the Advertising Standards Authority steps in and makes a judgement on the misleading adverts and that is what has happened following the marketing of the Hyundai NEXO, which according to a line on the company website is a ‘car so beautifully clean, it purifies the air as it goes.’

Unfortunately for the Korean brand, that claim was the subject of a complaint to the ASA earlier this and despite Hyundai being able to demonstrate that the NEXO’s air supply system was capable of filtering gases and very fine dust and expelling purified air - there were still pollutants coming from the vehicle’s brakes and tyres.

An ASA statement said: "We acknowledged that there were air filtration systems in place within the Hyundai NEXO, which would filter the air before it was used in its hydrogen fuel cell. However, we understood particulates from brake and type wear would still be released into the air and would not necessarily be removed by the car, unless they happened to pass through its air filtration system.

"We understood that particulates from brake and tyre wear were a significant source of air pollution from vehicle use. Because we considered the claim “A car so beautifully clean, it purifies the air as it goes”, as it was likely to be understood by consumers, had not been adequately substantiated, we concluded the ad was misleading."