Is Black Friday Most Dangerous Driving Day Of The Year?

Tue 26th Nov 2019

Newly released figures from the Department for Transport are suggesting that this week’s ‘Black Friday’ shopping event could be a dark day for motorists on the UK’s road network.

According to analysis undertaken by Crown Oil, the accident statistics for the last five years has shown the month, week and day with the worst crash records - and this forthcoming weekend is among the worst.
December 1st has the current title of worst day for crashes, with more wintery weather and busier roads due to Christmas shopping likely to be leading the cause. However, this year December 1st falls on a Sunday and experts are suggesting that as Fridays are the worst day statistically for accidents then Friday November 29th - Black Friday - could be the worst for crashes.

The revealing statistics show that November overall is the worst month for crashes over the past five years, however it isn’t all bad news in the winter months as December is statistically the quietest month, mainly due to there being less traffic on the roads.

Panayiotis Markides from Crown Oil commented: “The DfT data is eye-opening, as it highlights trends in road accidents, for example how we are currently in the most dangerous time of year for drivers – and it looks like it will get worse before it gets better. The holiday period seems to offer respite on the roads despite the harsher conditions, likely due to fewer cars on the road.”

“At this time of year, we encourage our own drivers to exercise caution when making deliveries around the country, and we want to encourage the public to do the same, by keeping a safe distance behind the car ahead of you, keeping to the speed limit, indicating and giving priority.”

10 Worst Dates For Crashes


# Road Accidents 2014 -2018

01 December


28 November


06 October


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15 December


Data: Crown Oil/DfT