Is Jaguar Land Rover Sale Inevitable?

Wed 8th May 2019

With rumours of Tata Group looking to sell JLR to Peugeot, Land Rover’s former chief engineer has said that the sale looks ‘inevitable’.

Though Tata Motors have moved quickly to deny the reports they are about to sell one of the jewels in the British motoring crown to the French Peugeot Citroen group it thought that a ‘post-sale integration document’ is already in circulation at both firms outlining the benefits.

A Tata spokesman said: "As a matter of policy, we do not comment on media speculation.

"But we can confirm there is no truth to these rumours."

PSA’s own spokesman has indicated that the company is in no hurry to make a bid for JLR, but the former Land Rover chief, Dr Charles Tennant has said that a sale is likely and that it could have serious consequences.

“This comes as no surprise at all and we should not take any notice of either Tata Motors or Jaguar Land Rover denials at all,” said Mr Tennant.

“They are obliged to deny it until the ink is dry on the contract.

“Clearly the Peugeot talks are at an advanced stage, and their top management have already indicated a desire to enter the premium and luxury market, so a Jaguar Land Rover acquisition is like a dream come true for them - just as it was for Tata Motors only 11 years ago.

“It is now inevitable that Jaguar Land Rover will be sold off, and I think Peugeot could be a very cohesive new owner.

“They have the need and cash to do it.

“Mind you I’m afraid that the next stages will be drastic and painful with the inevitable rationalisation of product and production sites, whilst planning for future electrification."