Is Tesla World’s Most Popular EV?

Sun 18th Oct 2020

American car brand Tesla may be leading the way in providing innovative electric vehicle solutions across the UK, but are they the most popular EV marque on the planet?

Tesla is certainly leading the way in Europe, as well as other major commercial countries such as the United States, Australia and South Africa. According to analysis from Nationwide, the Tesla Model 3 was the topped the poll with 1.8million searches, four times the figure of the nearest rival, the Nissan Leaf. Tesla’s Model S and Model X were third and fourth on the list.

Not every part of the planet is in love with the Tesla though, the BMW i3, which recently celebrated the production of its 200,000th model, is the most popular EV in Russia, and most African nations, across the middle east and into Brazil. 

“With its impressive performance and safety features, it’s no surprise that the Tesla Model 3 has topped the list of the most popular electric cars,” sais David Johnson from Nationwide.

"EV sales in July this year were up 77 percent from the previous year, despite implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more and more people choosing EVs for their low fuel costs, zero emissions, easy home charging and lower maintenance costs.

“Other Tesla models are also on the list of most popular EVs, with the Model X and Model S cars taking the third and fourth spot worldwide.”