It’s Official: Tesla Breaks 400 Mile Barrier

Tue 16th Jun 2020


Electric vehicle technology has taken a huge leap forward after Tesla announced that their Model S has now achieved an official EPA-rated range of 402 miles.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed the news via a tweet, which indicated that all Model S cars have had the range over 400 miles since January, but that the Environmental Protection Agency have only just confirmed this with an official rating. Prior to the official rating, the Model S only had an official range of 391 miles - the new rating makes it the first time any EV has gone beyond the 400 mile barrier.
In a statement on the Tesla blog, the innovating company said: “This significant achievement reflects Tesla’s obsession with efficiency and energy frugality, and is realized through several changes, both iterative and transformational, in core hardware and system architecture development by the Tesla engineering, design and production teams. These changes went into production earlier this year when we first started manufacturing Model S Long Range Plus at our factory in Fremont, California. All Model S Long Range Plus vehicles will receive the new 402-mile rating.”

The new rating for the Tesla was achieved through a range of improvements, including, weight reductions in key elements such as the battery pack, more aerodynamic wheels and more efficient drive units.

Tesla dominates the marketing when it comes to range on electric vehicles, however they had to fight for a retest of the range of the Model S after it was claimed by Elon Musk that the first test had been completed after the car had been left in ‘waiting for driver’ mode.