London Drivers Racked Up Almost 1.5million Penalty Charge Notices In One Year

Tue 2nd Jul 2019

Driving in the UK’s capital city is proving to be as costly as ever as eagle-eyed CCTV cameras have increased moving traffic contraventions by 30 per cent.

Research from private number plate company Click4Reg has revealed that London’s authorities could be earning up to £187million a year on penalty charge notices. Drivers can be fined for driving in a bus lane, performing a prohibited left or right turn, failing to comply with a no entry sign, stopping in yellow box junctions and more. The maximum fine is £130, though that is halved if motorists pay within 14 days.

Drivers in the City of London are hit hardest, the data revealed that there were 192,841 PCNs over a 12 month period, worth up to £25million to the local authority.

“The prevalence of moving traffic infringements in London is certainly higher than anyone would expect,” said Click4Reg’s Managing Director Elie Fakhoury. “Given the capital’s busy roads, individuals should consistently seek to re-familiarise themselves with the rules, markings and signs in the Highway Code.

“In turn, this will not only minimise the number of moving traffic contraventions but more importantly, increase the level of awareness and care taken by drivers whilst on the road," he said.