London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone Rakes In £2.2m In First Week

Thu 2nd May 2019

Transport for London pocketed £314,000 a day following the launch of their controversial Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ).

But London’s transport bosses claim that the new £12.50 charge is having the desired effect, with only 30% of motorists having to pay the charge in the opening week. Seven out of 10 vehicles escaped the charge when the zone was launched on April 8th, a higher number than previous studies had suggested.

However, the Easter break and environmental protests will have deterred some traffic from entering the centre of London so it will be some time before the real impact of the ULEZ is realised.

One motoring group however has suggested that 82% of Londoners will change their transport preparations due to the introduction of the ULEZ, Bikesure interviewed 1,000 drivers in the capital and found that 31% admit that they will not be able to afford to drive their own vehicle into the central area.

Bikesure expect to see a change in vehicle choice with the introduction of the ULEZ, with the possibility of many more people opting for two-wheels over four. A spokesman said: “The ULEZ scheme is likely to have a big impact on those living in London. While those who live in the city are broadly positive about the initiative, they have recognised the need to reassess their transport options.

“We could be seeing more low-emissions scooters, mopeds and motorcycles on the market. This could be a sign of changes happening in the industry as more, and cheaper electric and low-emission models are being introduced to the market.

“The next five to 10 years will be a very interesting time.”