Luxury Models Are Top Of The List For Car Thefts

Mon 4th Mar 2019

The more expensive the car, the more likely it is to get stolen, that’s if a latest report on UK car crime is to be believed.

Car security experts Tracker, have published a list of the top ten cars stolen and recovered using the company’s high-tech devices which help trace stolen vehicles. According to Tracker’s figures the BMW X5 is the prime target for motor thieves, topping the list for the eighth time in nine years. German cars dominate the top ten, with both BMW and Mercedes featuring heavily on the list with seven out of the top ten, Range Rover take the remaining three spots with the Vogue, Sport and Land Rover Discovery also popular.

Clive Wain, head of police liaison at Tracker, explained: “Organised criminal gangs make a living out of stealing to order or taking what they know will sell quickly, and it’s a thriving, albeit illegal, profession.

"What’s more, these people have highly sophisticated skills, continually adapting their techniques to counter technology introduced by manufacturers to safeguard vehicles.

“Although premium models dominate the top 10, the opportunist thief will take any vehicle they can gain access to, so it’s vital that owners think about their vehicle security measures to make it harder for criminals."

The figures relate only to vehicles recovered using the Tracker technology and also reveal that the most expensive car stolen and recovered was a £120,000 Rolls Royce Ghost, the cheapest was a £1,000 Toyota Land Cruiser.