Millions Are Driving Without MOT

Mon 26th Apr 2021

The Covid-enforced lockdown across the UK has created a problem of more than half a million vehicles on British roads that are unroadworthy according to one of the country’s biggest MOT testers.

A report from Kwik Fit estimates that there could be close to two million vehicles being driven that require an MOT and the DVSA is warning that it will show no mercy to those who might have forgotten that their car needs a test.

The problem has arisen after the government issued a six-month extension to all MOT tests during the first lockdown. This was necessary as many garages were closed, and the British public were being urged to stay at home. That extension ended on 1st August 2020, which means that there are now many vehicles which have taken advantage but then not booked in for a test - many car owners have an annual rhythm of knowing what time of year they need to renew their tax, insurance and MOT.

Kwik Fit analysis shows that there could be approximately 1.86 million cars that are without a valid MOT certificate and that with one third of cars failing their test annually, that could mean that 600,000 vehicles are driving without knowing that they are unroadworthy.

“It may be that shifting the expiry dates with the extension has caused the MOT to slip from drivers’ minds, or perhaps they have been using their car so little that they have forgotten about having it tested,” said Eric Smith from Kwik Fit.

“Some owners may think that because they’ve not been using their car it will be just as they left it, however parts will rust or wear with little use, bulbs may fail or windscreen wipers start to perish. 

“We would urge drivers to make sure they are both safe and legal before heading out on to the road as restrictions ease.”