More Than 10 Million Drivers Are Breaking Mobile Phone Driving Laws

Mon 18th Nov 2019

A shocking new survey has revealed the real extent of dangerous driving in the UK caused by those who continue to use their mobile phone while behind the wheel of a car.

Research from insurance company Direct Line has found that though the number of drivers prosecuted for using their mobile phone has dropped by 23 per cent in the last five years, there were still 13,000 convictions every year. The most worrying statistic from the study though came from almost 11 million drivers who admitted that they have made a call or sent a message when driving over the last 12 months.

Though the Department for Transport recently revealed plans for HD camera technology to catch mobile phone drivers in the act, the problem still persists and last year alone there were 29 fatalities and 118 serious injuries caused by Brits using their mobile phone behind the wheel.

Steve Barrett, head of motor insurance at Direct Line, said: “It only takes a second with eyes off the road, or being distracted by a mobile phone, for a life altering accident to happen or for a driver to find themselves facing prosecution and a criminal record.”

“With new technology available to the police that uses sensors to detect if a driver is using their phone, people are at greater risk of prosecution for these offences than ever before.

“It is worrying that the majority of law-abiding drivers are being put at risk by those who allow themselves to be distracted behind the wheel.”