Nearly-New Car Boom To Continue In 2022

Tue 4th Jan 2022

While the new car market flounders with supply chain issues and sky-high prices, the used car market in the UK has bloomed, with consumer confidence in nearly-new motors at an all-time high.

Car buyers helped the used car market enjoy one of its most buoyant years in 2021, according one of Britain’s biggest online aggregators. And with the biggest brands struggling to get new cars off the production line due to continuing microchip shortages, used cars will continue to be popular in 2022.

The SUV reigns supreme according to the research from AA Cars, who revealed that the bigger models such as the luxury Mercedes, Land Rover and Range Rover were some of the fastest selling used cars of the year, along with the Hyundai Tucson and the Ford Kuga. Only the Volkswagen Polo and the Ford Focus could break the monopoly, with the ever-popular hatchbacks the only two cars in the top ten not to be an SUV.

“So dominant have SUVs been in 2021 that only two non-SUVs made it into our league table of the top ten fastest selling used cars. While some SUVs are more at home on the road than off it, all are designed to be spacious and practical - and these have proved popular qualities in 2021 as thousands of people looked to their car for a Covid-safe way both to commute and to explore the country,” said James Fairclough, whose company collated the data.

“In addition, the used market has been a beneficiary of the supply problems that have dogged the new car market. With would-be buyers often facing a wait of several months if they order a brand new model, many are opting to buy second-hand instead, where supply is better and there are thousands of vehicles available to drive away the same day.”

It wasn’t all bad news for the smaller car brands, Ford’s Fiesta was the most searched for car of 2021, closely followed by the Focus. The top ten list of searched for vehicles included two vans, the Ford Transit and the Volkswagen Transporter, which reflects the changing driving and delivery habits across the UK.