New Mirror Tech Is Great For Cyclists

Mon 5th Apr 2021

Cyclists and van drivers may often be at loggerheads over who has right of way in crowded and congested urban spaces, but new technology revealed by Ford this week should make driving safer for all road users.

Ford have developed a so-called ‘Smart-Mirror’, a high definition screen that can display a panoramic rear view within the brand’s range of Transit vans. The mirrors are particularly useful on vans which have windowless rear doors, or that have partitions in the way, allowing the driver to sport cyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles that may be behind them.

The technology is enable by a live feed from a camera on the rear of the van and comes with automatic brightness control making it perfect for both day and night driving. The panoramic view is also twice the width of a conventional rear-view mirror, giving van drivers a wider scope and better understanding of their surroundings.

It is hoped that the new technology will be beneficial for van owners by reducing costly accident damage repairs, but most importantly making roads safer for vulnerable road users, who accounted for 70 per cent of fatal road accidents in urban areas in 2019.

“Providing our drivers with maximum visibility – especially in urban areas where there is so much to look out for – increases their confidence and is a key part of making journeys safer for them, and for other road users as well”, said Owen Gregory, director, Commercial Vehicle Aftersales, Ford of Europe.

The smart mirror can be fitted by any Ford dealer for £675.