New Tool Suggests Four Out Five New Buyers Would Benefit From An EV

Fri 15th Nov 2019

An innovative new online fuel calculator is recommending that almost 34 million drivers would be better off buying an electric or hybrid vehicle.

What Car? has developed a new tool which analyses a motorist’s mileage, driving habits and vehicle requirements and then lets them know the most economical and best value car to be driving.

More than 8,400 drivers have already used the tool and just short of one in five were told that a fully electric would be the most practical purchase. 

Though predictions suggest that by 2025 there will be half a million electric vehicles on Britain’s roads, there is still a relatively low uptake compared to other European nations. The cost of the car, worries about charge times and a lack of choice are the current handicaps to buying an electric car, with only 20 EV models available to the public.

The most popular recommendation in the online fuel calculator was a hybrid or plug-in hybrid with 63.8 per cent of those to answer the questions advised that that would be the best option. Those who make long motorway journeys were advised that diesel is best (12.5%), while petrol was only seen as the most viable option for 4.8 per cent of the UK driving public.

What Car? Editor Steve Huntingford admitted that a lack of knowledge of electric vehicles may be stunting the growth of alternative fuel vehicles in this country.

“There are more than 20 different fully electric vehicles available, with many giving their petrol and diesel counterparts a serious run for their money,” Huntingford said.

“Yet electric ownership is lagging behind its potential. Our What Car? What Fuel tool shows nearly a fifth of drivers could make a seamless switch to electric ownership right now.

“Our previous research highlighted a 'knowledge gap' among new car buyers, with car manufacturers identified as not providing enough information on the benefits of owning an EV. 

“Since our research, many manufacturers have updated the information on their websites, but more could still be done. 

“The more people learn about the benefits of running and owning an electric car, the faster the technology can reach its full potential.”