Nissan Celebrate One Million Crossovers

Thu 11th Feb 2021

The British public have demonstrated their love for affordable Japanese crossovers after after Nissan announced that they have sold one million to UK customers.

The Japanese brand have hit the significant milestone with nine out of ten of the sport utility crossover vehicles built in their Sunderland factory. Nissan’s range of crossovers in the UK consists of the Qashqai, Juke and the X-Trail, and they are the first brand to sell more than a million of the popular styles in this country.

Nissan will be launching a third generation Qashqai later this year and celebrated the million landmark by wrapping the five models which had contributed to the sales in platinum.

The Sunderland plant recently got the post-Brexit thumbs-up from Nissan, with a pledge to continue production in the north east for years to come.

“Since the Nissan Qashqai invented the crossover segment in 2007, and the Juke created the compact crossover segment in 2010, Nissan has been the market leader for UK crossover sales,” Nissan said in celebrating.

“The Qashqai is a main fixture in the UK’s top 10 selling cars, with the Nissan Juke regularly entering the top 15 best-selling models.

“Both generations of Qashqai and Juke were designed, engineered and produced in the UK. The Qashqai is the UK’s largest volume manufactured car with more than three million manufactured in Sunderland.

“Nissan’s Sunderland plant is also the largest automotive factory in UK history, with one in three British-made cars coming off its production lines, making Nissan the UK’s biggest car manufacturer.”