Olympic Medal Winner Slams Speed Cheats

Mon 17th Jun 2019

New research obtained from the Press Association has revealed that there are drivers in the UK who are constantly speeding, but are avoiding bans after pleading hardship.

The figures, which have been obtained from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), show that there is a small band of repeat offenders, who have been caught speeding at least ten times in the last four years. There are 38 drivers in the UK who have been caught speeding more than ten times, with one driver being caught on 25 occasions.

The research looked at the number of SP30 endorsements on drivers licences over the past four years. An SP30 is issued when a driver breaks the speed limit and if a motorist is caught speeding four times in three years they are usually automatically banned. However some drivers manage to persuade a judge that a disqualification would lead to exceptional hardship.

There are other circumstances, where a driver serves a ban and goes on to offend again, whilst some are simply ignoring disqualification altogether and racking up a long list of speeding offences.

The data has lead led to Olympic gold winning cyclist Chris Boardman to speak out. Boardman is Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner and said: “A law that allows repeat offenders to keep driving because of 'exceptional circumstances' is protecting the criminal over the rest of us and is just plain wrong.

“The points system is the safety buffer and if three chances isn't enough to get the message across, then you really shouldn't be driving.”

Road safety charity, Brake has also criticised the news, with a spokesman saying: “The law must be used to its fullest extent with increased use of driving bans and the closure of the 'exceptional circumstances' loophole to keep these dangerous drivers off our roads.”