One In Four To Make EV Switch

Mon 24th May 2021

The British public is warming to the idea of owning an electric vehicle, with 6.5m households planning on making the switch within the next five years according to energy industry watchdog Ofgem.

The news will be music to the ears of leaders within Boris Johnson’s government, with policy makers saying that all petrol and diesel cars should be banned from sale by 2030. But the figure of new electric vehicles on UK roads still has to go some to achieve a climate chage committee’s prediction of having 18m plug-in and hybrid vehicles on the roads within the decade.

Ofgem’s research found that 38 per cent of those surveyed were unlikely to buy an electric vehicle within the next five years, with the price being the biggest barrier (59%). A short battery life (38%) and having nowhere to charge a vehicle (36%) were also highlighted as concerns.

“As more consumers make the switch to electric vehicles in the next five years, Ofgem will be announcing millions of pounds of investment to create a more flexible energy system to support the electrification of vehicles, renewable generation and low carbon forms of heat,” said Jonathan Brearley, chief executive of Ofgem.

“Securing the investment is only half of the answer. Climate change can only be tackled if consumers are engaged in the process. For this to happen the transition to a low carbon economy needs to be fair, inclusive and affordable.”

While Ofgem are committed to investing millions in the infrastructure, further research this week from BloombergNEF predicted that the cost of producing electric cars would come down by 2027 and that they would be cheaper than petrol vehicles by 2030.

The Ofgem report also investigated attitudes to climate change, with 74 per cent of consumers acknowledging the role that electricity generation and vehicles play in adding to the carbon emissions which cause climate change.